XEMC Darwind B.V.

XEMC Darwind BV, established in 2009, is a Dutch supplier of direct drive wind turbines in the multi-megawatt range. Darwind operates from its premises in Hilversum, the Netherlands. 

XEMC Darwind is a 100% subsidiary of parent company XEMC Windpower Co. Ltd. in China.

Xiangtang Electrical Manufacturing Corporation (XEMC) Ltd. in China is the ultimate parent company.

The activities of XEMC Darwind comprise the following:

- development and installation of wind turbines;

- rendering of services related to the exploitation of wind turbines;

- promoting wind energy as a sustainble source of energy.

From the Netherlands, XEMC Darwind offers support to design and engineer the wind turbines of XEMC Windpower. For both onshore and offshore markets our parent company has platforms available. All of these are based on the permanent magnet, direct drive technology.

When you are interested in the turbine range of all onshore and offshore solutions, 


Franciscusweg 219-f
1216 SE Hilversum


+31 (0)88 115 15 15